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TRIMBLE supports the STEEL FREEDOM 2022 architectural competition as students prepare for their future roles to rebuild Ukraine

Trimble is a technology company fueling a better way to work by connecting the data you need to the tools you need to get the job done right.

As an official long-term partner of the STEEL FREEDOM architectural competition, Trimble supports Ukrainian students by giving them access to the latest technologies and Tekla Structures and SketchUp software. By providing innovative tools, Trimble can help tomorrow’s architects, engineers and builders implement their most ambitious architectural ideas to rebuild Ukraine.

As part of the competition, there will be a winner nominated by Trimble. The winner will be selected based on the use of Trimble architectural and engineering software, i.e., SketchUp and Tekla Structures. To be nominated, students must create a conceptual architectural model in SketchUp, a structural model in Tekla Structures and use the Trimble Connect platform to collaborate and publish the project.

TRIMBLE supports the STEEL FREEDOM 2022 architectural

Trimble provides contestants with training videos and free access to the Tekla Campus web resource to complete their competition projects.

In 2022, the winning team in the Trimble category will receive a prize of one-year SketchUp Studio Education subscription and a certificate for the online training course ” Tekla Structures basics”.

“Participation in the Steel Freedom competition is an important milestone for many future architects,” according to Tom Austin, Ukraine Special Projects Director. “Trimble is proud to support these students as they prepare for their roles in rebuilding Ukraine.”

What is required to participate in the Trimble nomination?

  • Show in the project documentation a conceptual architectural model in SketchUp.
  • Perform a detailed design of the node or connections of the steel structure model in Tekla Structure. At least 1 node must be visualized > LOD 350 on the final project board.
  • Structural model published in Trimble Connect or uploaded in IFC format (link must be placed in the description).

Trimble together with its partner – Arcada, are ready to help students use Trimble solutions during the MeetUP on September 28 in Kyiv.

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